Trauma Surgery
This is a Surgical speciality dealing with the operative and non-operative management of traumatic (accident) injuries. These are often medical emergencies with multiple casualties involved. Patients have multiple organ system involvement and thus it involves team work.

The Trauma team consists of:
  • Emergency medicine specialist to resuscitate the patient and acute care.
  • Critical Care specialist (ICU) to stabilise and monitor his progress.
  • Neurosurgeon for head and nerve trauma
  • Orthopaedic surgeon for stabilising the fractures
  • General and plastic surgeons for abdominal and soft tissue injuries
  • Specialised anaesthesia team and Nursing staff
Such care is possible in a Multi-Specialty Tertiary Trauma Centre like at Hinduja Hospital Mahim. Dr Ashish Jain is the Orthopaedic surgeon treating such multiple injury cases on a daily basis.

Role of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon:

First Save the Life; then Save the Limb
  • Acute management of limb wounds and Open fractures. Washing out all the contaminants and surgical cleansing (debridement) of the wounds
  • Fixing the fractures to allow easier nursing care and pain relief to the patient
    • Pelvic External fixation
    • Long bone fracture nailing (Femur and tibia)
    • Splintage of upper limb fractures (plating)

Once the patient is stabilised, early fixation of the fractures has multiple benefits
  • Pain relief and lesser need for Opiod medications
  • Pain relief and lesser need for Opiod medications
  • Better airway (breathing) as patient can be made to sit
  • Faster joint and muscle rehabilitation
  • Earlier return to normalcy

Modern innovations in Emergency care and Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery have made it much easier to actively manage these cases and reduce the morbidity and mortality following trauma.

Trained in the AO (Swiss) Techniques of Fracture Fixation; Dr Ashish Jain has had excellent results in managing these challenging cases with minimal complications.